Friday, February 15, 2013

American Fashion Model - Joshua Joles

Joshua Joles is an American fashion model. He is Arizona and was an hockey player active in the course of his career  in two leagues: For the seasons 2002-03 2002 in the team of the Fernie Ghostriders in  the America West Hockey League and  for the  season 2003-04 in the team of the Central Texas Blackhawks the North America Hockey League.Joshua was born in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) on February 17, 1983. He is today  (2012) 29 years old.

He appears in the VOGUE Sport magazine in 2007, in an editorial of Bruce Weber “Gladiators on ice” (see Black & White pictures here above). His mother Agency is Agency AZ (Arizona) .

He was recently noticed for his well chiseled and smooth body and his handsome face, in the 2012 Summer Underwear campaign for BodyAware co-staring Corey Alfaro made by the photographer Michael Franco.