Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Hunky Model - Markus Ricci

Super hunky and sexy Markus is an American model is 26 years of age. He currently has a Bachelor's degree in arts with a concentration in chemistry from Wheat on College. He got the special prize for best model in swimwear at the Mister USA 2008.

His life ambition is to eventually become a physician. He is most interested in pediatrics and orthopedics. He also believes that life experience and established relationships are key to living a healthy life. It is his ambition to meet new people and gain new experience whenever granted the opportunity. Markus is a trained and certified emergency medical technician in the state of Massachusetts. 

He has been a part of the Big Brother and Little Sisters organization for more than ten years giving talks to potential sponsors, donors and "big" on the benefits of the program. 

He has also competed in many fitness competitions with honors that include three first-place finishes, one 2nd-, one 3rd-, and one 4th-place finish along with numerous other awards. He gives private lacrosse lessons to youth in Newton, MA. He played four years of Division III college lacrosse. He also has played the flute for 11 years. Markus enjoys surfing, skiing, natural sciences, chess, theatre, rugby, football and spending time with my friends. 

Markus describes himself as a hard-working self-disciplined and fair person. He believes that providing a positive work atmosphere promotes a healthy and efficient working environment. He managed a summer pool club for three years. He has captained numerous sports teams. He is also an intern at the Massachusetts State Police Drug Lab. The three things that he values most in life are family, friends and good relationships . A few words Markus gives to describe him are ambitious, humble, intelligent, confident and understanding.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fitness Model - Matt Mendrun

Matt Mendrun born in Hollywood, CA and Fitness Model & amp; amp; Personal Trainer,  he won 1st Place 2011 NPC California State Championships in the Novice Light heavyweight division & amp; 2nd Place in Novice Overall the light-heavy novice class at the 2011 IFBB California State Bodybuilding Championships this last weekend, however he lost the novice overall to Kelly Rodriguez. 

He placed third in the novice heavyweight class at the 2007 Pacific USA Naturals Bodybuilding & Figure Championships and is currently getting ready for the California State Championships on May 28 in Culver City ! 

Picture Courtesy & Photography by James Franklin. for more information please log in

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Not many Asian men (even hot and very sexy) could have this shape of body - thickness. For a moment that I called "persuasion", this sexy muscle guy seduced me in each of every amazing frame. Not your type? Should change your mind when you look all the rest of him. 

Unfortunately, like the other hot guys I introduced recently, there is no information about him. Please leave a message; it could be useful for somebody else.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2011 by Cedric Buchet

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011 Men's Collection " A Far East Adventure " ft. Doug Pickett & Asian ļ¼­odel/Actor Godfrey Gao appear in Louis Vuitton's 2011 campaign, shot by Cedric Buchet. Godfrey marks the first time Vuitton has featured an Asian model in its campaign.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Incredible Muscle - TYLER DAVIN

Tyler Davin is born in New-York in 1985. He has always been active either in sport or working out. Passionate about achieving a great body, he started working on developing his physique in his teens, and learning as much as he could about fitness and nutrition. His hard work paid off in 2007 when he was spotted by a photographer and coaxed him to take a shot at modeling. His very first photo shoots was shot by veteran lensmen Rick Day and Bruno Rand.

In 2008, Tyler is on the front cover of the highly popular male magazine "DNA" with renowned photographer David Vance. This feature raised his stature to that of an internationally recognized model and has since appeared in several underwear campaigns and editorials.

Tyler stays fit by eating healthy, doing the right balance of cardio and weight training five days a week. When asked what his favorite parts of his body, he says his back and shoulders. Besides modeling, he iis a personal trainer and a specialist in performance nutrition so he truly enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals.