Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rugby’s Finest Hunks 2011 Calendar

For the month of December, we’ve shared a few of the hottest 2011 Calendars out there. From firefighters, to models, to rowers to straight guys against hate, we’ve featured a lot of sexy hunks in little or no clothing. While they were all hot, I have to say the boys in “Rugby’s Finest Hunks 2011 Calendar” blow them all out of the water. Compared to these wet dreams, all the others are fugly hookers. 

Throughout the year I follow a few sports casually, but after seeing these big muscly rugby players, I really need to add the English Rugby league to my viewing schedule. The sport of rugby probably has the hottest guys in the sporting world. Just check out my selection for this week’s weekly crush, David “Wolfman” Williams as Exhibit A. No disrespect to models, but there’s just something extra appealing about a good looking guy who excels in their sport. Perhaps it’s their bodies sweating during competition or the idea of group showers. Whatever it is, athletes are super sexy. Check out the following English rugby players to prove my point.