Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mr. Philippines - Sandy Bontuyan

Sandy Bontuyan is originally from Talamban, Cebu City, Philippine. He started bodybuilding in 2004, but only started competing in the last couple of years. I've haven't actually seen much photos of him on competitions. So he might not have been doing the bodybuilding competition circuits as most do.

The best part of his physique is his back. So he pretty much nails the back double biceps and the back lat spread. I only see one guy in the Cebu competition that comes close in terms of back development. Sandy said he needs to improve his abs and legs. At first I wouldn't have agreed with him, until I saw the Thai champ whose quads have cuts so deep, it would have been a wooden sculptural a Machete.

Sandy works as a personal trainer in the then Elite Fitness Gym, which is now bought over by Gold's in Makati. He also trains in his home gym in Taguig as well as Dondon's Gym for serious hardcore training. Sandy is one of the few athletes that qualified for the NAC Mr. Universe 2012 in Germany. Unfortunately, he did not get the first place in the men's overall category. That's why he needs sponsors to help him with the preparation for the upcoming international competition. As you might expect for  bodybuilders, he would be on a 5-8 meals a day eating plan. So all those fish, eggs and chicken bills do add up.

Plus the ever present whey protein that seems to be the staple of most bodybuilder's supplementation. If you want to help out, please spread the word or contact him through facebook.

Sandy is actually pretty light in terms of supplementation. As he uses only whey protein, and relies instead on strict diet. He consumes as much as 3 kilos of real food in 8 to 10 meals a day.  For whey protein he uses Syntha 6, Ultimate Nutrition and the new local brand, Aftershock. It makes you wonder where all those food goes, as he maintains a competition weight of a little less than 70kg in his 5'3" frame. Sandy started competing upon the prodding of his friend Reysan Nonepara in the La Laguna in 2010. But that did not end well, so he doubled his efforts and won the succeeding competitions... 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mr. Iron Man (Philippine) - Johnald Romero

Johnald stands 5'6" with a competition weight of 170lbs. This puts him in the short category (NAC Class 1, NABBA, WFF Class 3) and the very competitive below 80kg category (IFBB, WBPSF).  Lastly, what's an athlete profile without the achievements, so here it is. We wish Johnald continued success in the future. 

Johnald Romero  hails from Misamis Occidental and graduated from Alfonso D. Tan College with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economics.  It was in his college days in 2004 when he was prodded by his track and field buddy, Jason Lalaan, to enter bodybuilding. This was a shift from his sports then which was the discus and hammer throw events.  That was the start of fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming Mr. Philippines. It may be his background on sports that favors fast twitch muscles that helped him maintain an athletic physique in bodybuilding. He doesn't carry much mass, but his body symmetry and aesthetic is one of the best. He'll easily gets the best torso award if there is one, and he has no distended gut to speak of even when not posing. Johnald says his best body parts are his abs and shoulders. Well just look at the pictures and tell us what you think.

Of course, his body is not perfect. His body is still continually under construction. He says he needs to improve his back, which needs more definition and width. He trains five times a week, and being a personal trainer in Fitness First Green hills helps him put in those hours in the gym.

Two of his Mr. Olympia idols are Frank Zane and Phil Heath. Actually, two very different bodybuilders. One has a classic lean ectomorph body, while the other has the bulkier mesomorph physique.  It seems Johnald needs to get more bulk to reach his dreams to be a world class bodybuilder like the two legends.  He also wants to be known as a good fitness trainer.  He is certified in Fitness First's Personal Training Foundation Program - Silver and Gold level, TRX suspension, and most importantly, first aid and CPR.  So for those of you who want to train safely, you can head out to Fitness First Green hills and ask for him. He has won quite a few competitions since he started bodybuilding in 2004. His most important achievements to date are the Championship award he got from the 2010 Mr. Philippines Lightweight Division and the 1st Phil-Asia Athletic Class in 2011.

Johnald is currently preparing for next year's Mr. Asia Pacific in Boracay and the Hong Kong Bodybuilding Invitational.  He takes IS Gainer Whey and Creatine Monohydrate during his off season. He switches to Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, Creatine, and USPlabs' Anabolic Pump, Prime, and PowerFULL when preparing for a competition. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

English Professional Rugby Union Player - James Haskell

James Haskell the young and stylish professional English rugby player has recently launched a Rugby World Cup collection in collaboration with young rugby fashion brand Front Up. He has also joined the brand as an Executive Director and TSK caught up with James as the Rugby World Cup is about to start to find out a little more about what inspires him in the world of style and fashion.

A six-foot four Flanker, Haskell’s early career saw him play rugby at Maidenhead Rugby Club before joining the London Wasps academy as a highly rated teenager. Haskell became the youngest player to represent Wasps on the professional stage when he was handed his debut at the age of 18 in 2002, while at the same time making great strides on the international front representing England U19 and then England U21. Outstanding performances for England U21 paved his way into the England Elite Squad. won over 40 caps so far.

Haskell’s first stint at Wasps saw him represent the Club from 2002 through to 2009 where he was part of sides that won Premiership and Heineken Cup titles, before deciding to experience life overseas and joining Stade Francais where he spent two seasons. Haskell re-sgined with Wasps for the 2012/13 season but decided to continue his overseas education heading to Japan to play for the Ricoh Black Rams.