Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tony Ward by Dimitris Theocharis on Schön! Magazine

The new ninth issue of Schön! magazine features the legendary Tony Ward with photography by Dimitris Theocharis and styling by Anders Solvaten Thomsen. 

American Fitness Model and Actor - Greg Plitt

Greg Plitt has appeared on the covers of more than 100 fitness magazines and 25 romance novels in the last four years. He is undisputed America's No. 1 male fitness model, appearing on the cover of at least one magazine every month for the last four and a half years. Greg won the 2009 Star Physique Award for Best Male Physique on TV. Men's Fitness magazine named Greg one of America's 25 Fittest Americans alongside Lance Armstrong. 

DNA Magazine calls him one of the 60 Sexiest Men Alive along with Daniel Craig, and syndicated TV show EXTRA named him one of America's Most Eligible Bachelors. Greg is the face of Thierry Mugler’s worldwide Angel Men and Ice Men fragrance campaigns, and is a sponsored athlete for MET-Rx Engineered Nutrition, Under Armour Performance Apparel and Gold’s Gym. 

Greg has done commercials for Old Spice, Dodge Ram Trucks, ESPN, Under Armour, MET-Rx and PETA. He has also appeared in countless infomercials. Greg has starred on the big screen in The Good Shepherd (with Robert DeNiro), Terminator Salvation (with Christian Bale) and The Watchmen (as the body of Dr. Manhattan). You’ve also seen him on TV in Bravo’s Workout, HGTV’s Designed to Sell and NBC’s Days of our Lives. He is a two-time All-America wrestler and a PRO-rated skydiver with more than 1500 jumps to date. Before taking on acting and modeling, Greg graduated from West Point U.S. Military Academy and served as an Army Ranger as well as a captain and company commander of 184 U.S. soldiers.

Monday, November 28, 2011

David Gandy for Details Magazine November 2011

Supermodel David Gandy photographed by Norman Jean Roy for the November 2011 issue of Details magazine.

Releasing their second model cover for the calendar year, the latest Details honor goes to the remarkable David Gandy.

Chippendales 2012 Calendar

Members of Chippendale's, these heartthrobs are tan with sculpted bodies and perfect smiles. the show is comprised of 11 different scenes and dance routines that will fulfill your every fantasy. The Chippendale's, will dress in all sorts of sexy uniforms including the classic bow tie and French cuffs as well as rugged cowboys.

The heat from this all-new set of gorgeous guys from the world-famous Chippendale's male revue nearly sizzles through each and every calendar page. The Chippendale's have just released their 2011/2012 Sixteen Month Wall Calendar with images by renowned photographer John Ganun, featuring International and Domestic cast members James Davis, Billy Jeffrey, Jaymes Vaughan, Nathan Minor, Juan De Angelo, Kenny King, Lind Walter, Jace Crispin, Chaun Thomas, Kevin Cornell and John Rivera.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

American Fitness Model - Brandon Bass

Brandon's fitness journey began the day he picked up his first fitness magazine. Even though he was on a championship baseball team he gave it up to follow his real dream of being the best natural bodybuilder/fitness model. At age 16, Brandon started reading every piece of literature he could get his hands on in regards to weight training, nutrition and supplementation. Staying up till 1, 2, even 3 in the morning was normal for him as he gradually built his knowledge base of the fitness industry. Brandon increased his knowledge base by consulting with other professionals in the fitness industry. After gaining substantial knowledge, Brandon was ready to apply it to his own regimen and step on the bodybuilding stage at age 18.
Brandon didn't win the show, but learned the valuable lesson of perseverance, steady persistence in the pursuit of fitness. After his first show, Brandon decided he wanted to do this full time. He fell in love with the sport instantly. After countless bodybuilding shows, sponsorships, signing with the Wilhelmina modeling agency, overseas trips, magazine covers, and national certifications, Brandon still remember his journey as the bright eyed kid with a dream, working out in his bedroom without a sense of direction, yet knowing this is what he was meant to do. And he announces, the best is yet to come.

Friday, November 25, 2011

American Model - Nick Ayler

Nick Ayler, born in 1987, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, is an American model . Growing up, Ayler had moved 18 different times during high school, middle school, and grade school, so he had never had the time to take a serious effort and put it towards his dream of one day being a model. 

In 2008, Ayler, was finally ready. He has done campaigns for "Abercrombie & Fitch", "TYORI menswear", "Apple", as well as gracing the pages of numerous magazines including "DNA", "Mens Exercise", and "Bello", just to name a few. He's also made appearances in movies such as "Holy Rollers" and "Fighting", and TV shows such as "Army Wives" and "Mercy". 

Nick Ayler is one of the most searched for terms which bring people to this blog. He is a very successful 23-year-old model who also happens to have been named the sexiest man alive by DNA magazine (Australia's best-selling gay magazine) and was a previous Eye Candy model on July 19, 2010. Frankly, I'm somewhat surprised by this post's popularity because Ayler would probably just barely make the Top 10 of hot models that I have featured on this blog.

See for yourself by browsing the Eye Candy tab, in which I have posted thumbnail pictures of all the Eye Candy models for 2010. Regardless, back by popular demand, enjoy this reprise appearance by Nick Ayler as Eye Candy.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The A.C. Milan collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce&Gabbana's Milan men's boutique in Corso Venezia will host an exclusive event to celebrate the A.C. Milan football team, which is currently the new Italian Champion team.

During the evening will be presented the new photographic book titled "Milan Fashion - Soccer Players Portraits", realized by Dolce&Gabbana in collaboration with young and talented photographer Marco Falcetta. The new book includes many black and white portraits, shot by Falcetta, that show us a more intimate and new version of these beloved champions.

The money raised from the sale of the book will be donated to Fondazione Milan, a charity organisation founded in 2003, that works to guarantee social welfare, especially for kids. The new photographic books has 148 pages, with Italian and English text.