Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fitness Model - Chris Ryan

With his beautiful baby face and ability to rock a suit, Shoots stunning Fitness Model Chris Ryan could play it safe and still have legions of men swooning.

But the dirty blond has a bod for sin that he likes to show off. And who better to capture Chris’ daring disrobing than one of Eye Candy’s favorite photographers Brian Fitzsimmons.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fitness Model - PAUL TALBOT

Paul Talbot is a fitness model, originally from Pennsylvania, now living in Mississippi. Looking incredible at 47, Paul stands 6' tall and weighs 200 lbs. of muscle with a 46" chest and 30" waist. Paul has assembled a stunning portfolio of photos through work with many photographers. We were so impressed with his portfolio of images that we just had to schedule Paul for a shoot.  

We did our shoot with Paul in South Florida, and we were very pleased with the results. Paul loves to inspire others to be all they can be, and show them that hard work is always rewarded. He loves to workout and help others to reach their fitness goals.

Instinct Magazine August 2012 issue with Dr. Paul Talbot. I introduced the story of Paul, photographed for the cover and inside 6 pages.  It’s an interesting story with the tag line: “Coming To Terms With Himself & Coming Out To His Family In His 40s.” On stands this week!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

American Eros - Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson is an art historian specializing in Northern and Southern European painting of the 17th century, so it is no coincidence that in his own work he is often drawn to the expressive colors and chiaroscuro effects employed by many of the great Baroque painters. Although Mark wouldn't characterize his photographs as particularly Baroque or directly referential to art history at all, his first-hand exposure to and close study of great works of art must surely have influenced his work in some very subtle way.

Mark has occasionally travelled to the desert and other remote outdoor locations for photo shoots, but he has always drawn back to the tranquil, relaxed atmosphere of a home where he can create images in which the models can be admired, indeed idolized, in a more private and personal way. Mark is living in Los Angeles.