Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fitness Model - Brian Edward Laferriere

New & Exclusive story photographed by Lewis & Marshall, featuring Fitness model Brian Edward Laferriere as a dangeous but vulnerable biker.

Brian Edward Laferriere runs a Facebook Page called “Dare to be Remarkable” and by the looks of it, he’s walking the talk. His physique, look and passion for fitness speaks volumes of his desire to stand out and be excellent. An up and coming male fitness model who visualizes himself to become a published male model someday, his diet and weight training spans five days every week and as a male model, he continually strives to look better for his next shoot.

After a friend suggested he does a shoot with a photographer his friend knew, he ended up enjoying modeling and went all for it. Staying fearless and confident, – a trait he advises other men who wants to pursue modeling to have, he began reaching out to people and building a brand for himself.