Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fitness Model & Bodybuilder - Pham Vu

This is a story of one man's growth, but it's also the story of every man who makes the choice to change. It chronicles athleticism that was gained through a decade in the gym. Bodies like this aren't instant prizes at the bottom of cereal boxes; they are more like retirement gifts-retirement from the loose life of junkfood and flat muscles.

The physically fit stars of the entertainment world used to taunt Pham Vu with their sculpted appearances. But when he took a friend's advice and began his own fit career, he discovered the physical potential that had been locked away inside him.

Bodybuilding has saved me from a lot negatives in my life. Pham Vu now live a more organized, healthy and meaningful life because of it and he will always be thankful for it.