Saturday, May 4, 2013

All Star Athlete - Sener Cinoglu

Already when Sener Cinoglu was nine years old, he started with karate and judo. Soon he was so excited about the martial arts that he went 5 times per week in training. In addition, Sener Cinoglu also kicked in yet with Football Club, where we had every Saturday match. So Sener Cinoglu was busy from Monday to Saturday with sports.

In martial arts
Sener Cinoglu was very talented and officiated soon as undefeated fighters at the club. For this reason, and because it gave me a lot of fun, he decided to fully concentrate on the martial arts and playing football. Mint 16 years Sener Cinoglu got myself an injury to his right foot and could not trainieren.

In this time Sener Cinoglu went to the strength training to strengthen my upper body. he noticed here is that my weight training was fun and represented a meaningful change for his body. As my foot was finally healed, Sener Cinoglu therefore combined Thai boxing and weight training together. The intensive and extensive training and his body was shaped at age 21 Sener Cinoglu was able to have a very athletic posture. More often he was therefore wondering if Sener Cinoglu would not like to be on a bodybuilding stage. With 22 years he decided then, once to sniff air stage. Since that time, Sener Cinoglu deny regularly and successfully in bodybuilding competitions. Nevertheless, Sener Cinoglu also the Thai boxing remained important, which is why he have always maintained a weekly workout. It is the ideal complement to strength training for me. Although Sener Cinoglu have always trained every day since my 9. Lebensjahr, it still gives me a lot of fun.