Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Survivor Model - J.P. Calderon

J.P. Calderon was born on September 5, 1975 He got a full volleyball scholarship to California State University and from then on, he pursued his aspirations professionally. Later, he became assistant coach for the Women's Volleyball Team at Long Beach State University. Eventually, he became co-director and head trainer for the Mizuno Long Beach Volleyball Club. Aside from his interest in volleyball, he is also fond of swimming, weight lifting, running and hiking. J.P has one of the models of the "Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency."

Recently, he participated in the reality show Survivor: Cook Islands (Season 13). He was a part of the original Aitutaki tribe and when the tribes merged to two, he became a part of the Rarotonga tribe. J.P.'s lazy and demanding nature made him unpopular among the women in Rarotonga. Consequently, he became the 4th contestant voted off.