Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stan McQuay Moving Up The Pro Ranks

Stan McQuay; Born in Yokosuka, Japan in 1973 to a Japanese mother and Irish father, Stan McQuay moved to the United States with his family at an early age, living first in Illinois before settling in Van Nuys, California. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Stan spent most of his free time surfing and skateboarding. Stan became steadily employed and enrolled in community college. At a maximum height of 5’ 7” and weighing 135 lbs, Stan began weight-training in order to gain the muscle-mass necessary for college football. Most recently, Stan moved a competitive middleweight to a light-heavyweight, and was able to win his pro-card as a light-heavyweight at the 2006 NPC Nationals. He has appeared on the cover of several publications.

Stan McQuay walked away with 1st place at the 2010 IFBB Detroit Pro. If you saw Stan in clothes on the street you might just think he was a guy who trains a lot, however once Stan comes out on stage your bound to be impressed. This guy has great shape and great proportions which makes him appear much larger.