Monday, March 18, 2013

Hot Spanish Hunk - Ángel Gil

Always exciting performing anatomical studies of the great male figure Carmelo Blázquez Jiménez Spanish photographer. A master of black and white photography in the crumbling vibrant classicism with the human figure. This time, with this statuesque model named Angel Gil Barcelona.

A perfect physique, overwhelming, seductive and manly. Muscles and testosterone with this comprehensive portrait of muscular anatomy of Angel Gil by Carmelo Blázquez Jiménez. And for those in Madrid or travel to that city, Carmelo Blázquez exposes this January in room DLRO Live, a sample of his work on his imaginary living myths: heroes, gods, demigods, saints, martyrs , obsessions, fears, fears, desires, the sacred, the profane and the human. Images purporting to show a unique conception of beauty. Eroticism, beauty and Carmelo Blázquez Jiménez art.