Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fitness Model - Zac Titus

Zac Titus, born in 1978, in St. Paris, Ohio, USA, is an American actor, model, and personal trainer. Titus started his career doing modeling jobs for “Harley”, “Mercedes”, “Twist of The Wrist 2″; appearing in several editorials for fitness magazines including “Men’s Exercise”, “Exercise for Men Only”, “Exercise and Health”, “Men’s Workout” and “Ironman”; as well as participating in bodybuilding competitions.

Titus later honed his acting chops by appearing in a series of short films before making his TV debut in “RCVR” playing a sheriff. He landed his first leading role in the 2011 film “A Warm Wind”, in which he played a Marine who has returned from the Iraq war with physical disabilities, PTSD, and no real family to care for him. For fun, Titus loves to hike, mountain bike, trail run, mountaineer, climb, and back country snowboarding.