Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eddie Cibrian in Ad Campaign for Charisma

Eddie Cibrian the 38-year-old American actor, has starred in TV shows Playboy Club and "Ugly Betty. Eddie Cibrian recently shot a series of bed according topless with a full man sexy charm. Eddie Cibrian is a specialized advertising photo shoot for the Charisma bedding, his ad is: "the Charisma bedding is so comfortable and luxurious, it brings you the only problem is to make your morning do not want them in bed, lying on top of feeling is so wonderful. The Charisma bedding with understated elegance, as well as on the details of the tireless attention, I really like! ".

Eddie Cibrian dried off with Charisma towels after taking a dip in the pool in the Spring 2012 campaign, which was shot at a private residence in Los Angeles.