Tuesday, January 31, 2012

World European Champion - Rati Tsiteladze

Pronouncing his surname right wouldn’t kill you, but seeing his killer athlete body will sure sting your lust!
Today we feature the explosively sexy Kickboxing stud Rati Tsiteladze. Having quite a number of athletic accomplishments at the age of 23, he bagged having that hot hot and hot body to die for. 

I decided to feature a world and European champion fighter from country Georgi named Rati Tsiteladze. He’s gained the titles of best fight of Region (Georgia) in 2005, International Champion from 2007 – 2010 in Kickboxing, International Champion in 2008 in the free weight category “Sanda,” and National Champion from 2006-2008 for the free weight category “All Karate,” to name a few. 

Given his athletic accomplishments, he’s built himself quite the killer body. Beefy and ripped from head to toe and amazingly flexible. Rati turns 24 years old this November. Check out some of his incredibly hot photos below.