Friday, January 20, 2012

A Fitness Trainer and Model - Randy Bramblett

Randy Bramblett  is a quarter German/ quarter Irish and half Taiwanese residing here in beautiful San Francisco. he originally from Stockton, CA and completed college with a double major in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Science at the University of California Davis in 2005. I currently have my hands in several jars of different colorful and meaningful projects.

Randy full time experienced health and fitness specialist/endurance coach/sports performance trainer as well as a professional level road cyclist he also a licensed USA Cycling coach. I do online consulting for nutritional guidance along with recipies and lifestyle coaching services. And do weekly blogs on health and fitness with cycling/lifestyle/health websites including.

Randy Bramblett conduct services at my private studio here in San Francisco while currently pursuing a career as an entrepreneurial being and being a full time athlete, I have a dedicated and very inspired interest in serious modeling/ Acting/ Marketing/ high fashion/ Athletic pose/ Body art/ Creative Art/ Video/ Print ads/ Commercials etc... and any type of creative work in fashion. he welcome any and all themes, ideas, and creative minds.