Thursday, August 1, 2013

IFBB Nordic Pro Bodybuilding Champion - Ari Kokkonen

Nordic Pro Fitness Expo in the race six weeks ago made ​​Ari Kokkonen will compete next weekend British Grand Prix. Ari's better half (I'm not saying that Ari would be inferior half, but this is now just saying ... Ari Kokkonen 's first professional race took place five weeks ago in Lahti, Finland. Ranking there were 15 investment is not so much matter, but it was that medicine was not even close to what Ari's physics should go shredded. Condition was too soft. Truth is, however, that professional race competitors are so shockingly muscular; the best weapon there is to be tense.

​​Ari Kokkonen 's case, too much of it might be feared that looks like a small line up play and the diet is not perforated enough. But not a bad result, however, was not, but a lot better, however, he is capable of. It was therefore natural to make the next plan of racing. Next weekend in Manchester, is a pro-competition, which make for the. The time of the World Cup between six weeks. "

Now, ​​Ari Kokkonen public has another opportunity to show what he looks tense as the new race instructions have become Jari "Bull" Mental that caught Ari's small number of carbs.

Photos of the race will definitely be East Labs, Team Androlta, Body X-tremeltä and many other on-line and identify the BODY webzine of the situation on the spot, but this time without a camera, because the camera is forbidden to use the undersigned in the competition.