Thursday, August 8, 2013

China Top Model & Actor - Gu Yu Ming 顧又銘

Known as "Asia's first male god" and mainland actor Gu Yu Ming 顧又銘, recently was in Taiwan to promote album "Looking for Achilles 尋找阿基里斯."

Have a fit muscles, super macho man, he comes from a military family, from primary school athletics and Gu Yu Ming, because high school to play football and accidentally cause leg fibula fracture, in turn participate in sports special move smoothly into Anhui University, studying Business English after graduation to Beijing sports club work, admitted to the international fitness instructor license.

Participate in "Men's Health" China magazine's inaugural MH COOL GUY contest and won the championship, but Gu Yu Ming became media model. Work naturally came to the door, the merchant also phase him shoot commercials, as well as the director looking for his film, theater.

After shooting several works, Gu Yu Ming deeply felt acting and inadequate, often drag the crew, enroll in April this year to strengthen the Central Academy of Drama classes, learn from basic acting skills.