Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mr. Philippines - Sandy Bontuyan

Sandy Bontuyan is originally from Talamban, Cebu City, Philippine. He started bodybuilding in 2004, but only started competing in the last couple of years. I've haven't actually seen much photos of him on competitions. So he might not have been doing the bodybuilding competition circuits as most do.

The best part of his physique is his back. So he pretty much nails the back double biceps and the back lat spread. I only see one guy in the Cebu competition that comes close in terms of back development. Sandy said he needs to improve his abs and legs. At first I wouldn't have agreed with him, until I saw the Thai champ whose quads have cuts so deep, it would have been a wooden sculptural a Machete.

Sandy works as a personal trainer in the then Elite Fitness Gym, which is now bought over by Gold's in Makati. He also trains in his home gym in Taguig as well as Dondon's Gym for serious hardcore training. Sandy is one of the few athletes that qualified for the NAC Mr. Universe 2012 in Germany. Unfortunately, he did not get the first place in the men's overall category. That's why he needs sponsors to help him with the preparation for the upcoming international competition. As you might expect for  bodybuilders, he would be on a 5-8 meals a day eating plan. So all those fish, eggs and chicken bills do add up.

Plus the ever present whey protein that seems to be the staple of most bodybuilder's supplementation. If you want to help out, please spread the word or contact him through facebook.

Sandy is actually pretty light in terms of supplementation. As he uses only whey protein, and relies instead on strict diet. He consumes as much as 3 kilos of real food in 8 to 10 meals a day.  For whey protein he uses Syntha 6, Ultimate Nutrition and the new local brand, Aftershock. It makes you wonder where all those food goes, as he maintains a competition weight of a little less than 70kg in his 5'3" frame. Sandy started competing upon the prodding of his friend Reysan Nonepara in the La Laguna in 2010. But that did not end well, so he doubled his efforts and won the succeeding competitions...