Monday, May 20, 2013

Korea Dancer and Actor - 刘承俊 Seung Jun

刘承俊 Seung Jun was born in Seoul, Korea, 13 years old his family emigrated to the United States, 18-year-old return to South Korea attended University of the Arts.  刘承俊  Seung Jun singer activities in order to emigrate to America in 1997 returned to Korea to launch its own the first album <WEST>.

United States due to long-term residents affected by the Western genre., And their preferred HIP-HOP and electronic dance music, dance work class, the first release of the album that is unique music and dance colors, sights Korean idol market.

In fact, the success 刘承俊  Seung Jun not "lucky" but in the constant effort to seek among successful because dance album in Korea are mostly composed of 5-6 group, in which case a single person 刘承俊  Seung Jun compete with other dance, can survive but also won numerous charts, are 刘承俊  Seung Jun continuous efforts on the stage, performing their unique methods and affinity as the main success factors.