Saturday, April 27, 2013

PROLAB Web Celeb - Thanh Le

Thanh Le, 30 year old and stay Herndon, VA, US, he was always the shortest and smallest kid. He was always getting teased for being skinny. Thanh Le finally got into the gym at 19, after he was made fun of by my own friends. At first, the gym was to get the jokes to stop. 

After about 3-4 years of training, he realized this was something he loved, something that would be a part of my life forever. Thanh Le won the PROLAB Web Celeb contest in early 2011, and became a proud PROLAB Sponsored Athlete at the beginning of 2012. he also have the most adorable 2.5 year old son - is he life.

Thanh Le love the way it makes me feel and look. It keeps me healthy and fit. Every has stress, so working out is my time to get a way and take it out on the weights. I also enjoy helping other achieve their fitness goals.