Monday, April 22, 2013

China Bodybuilder - Gong Yu Zhao (鞏昱昭)

We do not know much about Eastern amateur bodybuilders. Today, we find good quality pictures of Zhao Yu Gong (鞏昱昭).

Gong Yu Zhao (鞏昱昭) every night before twelve o'clock must go to bed, so that the body can repair daytime strain accumulation of energy the next day, allowing the body to maintain a balance perfection forever buoyant health, the mind will be calm, this is the unchanging truth of ancient and modern.

These details of life seem simple enough, but to persevere, but the very people who can easily be done

Gong Yu Zhao (鞏昱昭) love bodybuilding, adhere to the iron law, but he at the same time must give up a lot of things, like most people pursuit cuisine, indulge eat and drink, he completely ban, the young favorite over the nightlife he said "No", many of my friends feel out of tune with him, Thus alienated. But do not worry, there will be another group of people think this is very "cool", agree with this attitude toward life will slowly move closer.