Saturday, March 9, 2013

European Championships - Jarmo Sohlman

New images Jarmo Sohlman. In Fact, Described hiekkamontulla fun at the sametime and still the dull rock edge than a year ago. Still Need to take some time in front of the dull stone set with Japella dynamiittipötkö hand, from the stone. Jarmo Sohlman race weekend in Malta NABBAN the World Cup, Which starts two other Finnish. Japen series of less than 172 cm, When there is weight classes.

37 year old Sohlman gave a positive doping sample powerlifting European Championships in Poland on May 11. This is the second Sohlman smell. Previous offense received from the non-compete obligation, he was released last February.

In the past I have used doping substances. I took a personal decision for sporting and financial risk. I knew very likely to have to test the European Championships. I thought, however, of a prohibited substance has left my body by the end of Sohlman made ​​available to the recognition of a post.