Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eye Candy - Bobby McCarther

Bobby McCarther is a very experienced model who has appeared as Eye Candy here . Hopefully it won't take another two years before I can find more stunning pictures of this handsome man. He has his own eponymous website at, a Model Mayhem entry and a Facebook page. He's listed as 6'1" and 173 pounds but usually does not list his real age. Regardless, he is clearly in good shape whatever his age is. Timeless! 

Bobby McCarther represented by JWM Enterprises is taking the modeling world by storm. From the runway to print magazines his look is always in high demand by some of the biggest names in fashion. Born in Spokane Washington from an early age his looks and grounded personality always set him apart from the rest. Now residing in Phoenix Arizona, his demanding travel schedule has him out of town for most of the year which can present booking difficulties.

However, we always try to accommodate all requests as they come in. Wade Martin discovered his innate ability to adapt to whatever the situation called for from acting to modeling, it is challenging to find that professional mulch-talented trait in the industry anymore. It was for this reason Wade Martin’s umbrella corporation JWM Enterprises has chosen to represent this soon to be icon.