Sunday, July 1, 2012

Model & Bodybilder - Chad Crouse

Coming from a very diverse ethnic background which includes German, English, Filipino, and Spanish gives him the genetic upper hand in bodybuilding. With stunning good looks, great muscle symmetry, height, and bone structure, Chad Crouse has placed in the top three in every show he has competed in. Many bodybuilders are known for a particular body part--Chad is known for his wide-set shoulders, and his small, tight mid section, giving him an impressive tapered physique!

But what really sets Chad apart from the rest is his hard work and determination. He has an internal drive, a mental discipline, and a passion that carry him through all of his physical and mental achievements. His motivation and determination are felt by everyone around him. He strives on spreading healthy and fit lifestyles not only to his clients, but friends and family as well. Chad takes great pride in transforming his clients not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.