Friday, August 9, 2013

China Hot BodyBuilder - Wang Wei 王巍

In the eyes of many people, Wang Wei is a bodybuilding legend. His 6-year-old started playing football and the 16-year-old former A B team Chengdu Blades, a national athlete.

In 2001, the age of 21, his state of motion at the zenith of football career is full of longing. However, fate would have it. In March of that year, as captain, he and his teammates to join the Philips University Football League, the left leg meniscus rupture, both sides of the torn ligament. Delay due to diagnostic error, the best time for treatment, after three months, his left leg muscle atrophy, the legs of a difference of 6.8 cm in length. 

The former sports stars suddenly become to rely on crutches to walk, life is difficult to take care of themselves disabled, and sometimes talking about. Dream day and night burst, and an uncertain future, Wang Wei temporary malaise. 

Life gives you shut a door, another door will open for you. "The care of teachers and classmates, Wang Wei, renewed hope, he began active rehabilitation training.  

Since then, the bodybuilding Wang Wei opened another door of life. He took a grateful heart, passion into bodybuilding career.