Saturday, February 4, 2012

Irresistible Model - Samir Goulart

Didio always amazes everyone with his work and models. His beautiful work are unique and every model, whom he shot, is so good looking. Here’s another sample of Didio work featuring Samir Goulart.

This irresistible model: Samir Goulart. To fall for her beauty as male virility, muscular physique. You have to fall asleep before the supreme beauty of Samir Goulart. The wanted man, masculine, seductive, perfect. A dream of man and a real passion with Samir Goulart. A adonis that fascinates and love.

A great agency always present their best models is the L’Equipe … I think this agency is one of the best castings male from Sao Paulo … trust in my work and let me work freely without fear or prejudice, which often happens with various agencies here in Brazil … Samir Goulart is not new, it works a few years …